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Injuries Caused by Trains in New Jersey

Injuries Caused by Trains in New Jersey

In a contest between a train and a car or a pedestrian, the train is always going to win. Unfortunately, such accidents occur with alarming frequency. While some of these cases may be caused by the negligent actions of the pedestrians or drivers, or by illegal trespass on railroad property, many cases may be due to negligence on the part of the railroad. In such cases, victims have the right to sue for damages for their injuries.

Nearly two thousand people were injured or killed at public and private railway crossings in 2011. Some examples of negligent acts that may lead to liability on the part of a railroad include:

  • Failure to remove overgrown vegetation
  • Failure to repair broken signs or rails
  • Failure to maintain safety and crossing gates, lights, or other barriers
  • Failure to educate conductors and operators on procedures to be used when approaching a crossing such as sounding a whistle, ¬†maintaining proper speed and use of lights
  • Failure of a conductor or operator to pay attention
  • Use of illegal substances by an operator or conductor

If you or a family member suffers an injury, or if a loved one is killed in a railroad crossing accident, do not hesitate to seek legal guidance as soon as possible after the incident. You only have a limited amount of time to bring an action against the railroad. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help when you or a family member suffers an injury or wrongful death at a railroad crossing or in a train accident.

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