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Winter Safety on New Jersey Roads

Winter Safety on New Jersey Roads

Many New Jersey residents continue to recover and rebuild after superstorm Sandy.   Sandy hit at the beginning of the cold winter weather season — and safety is of the utmost importance to all those who struggled through that terrible storm.

According to the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management, transportation accidents are the leading cause of death during winter storms.  Knowing how to stay safe and how to respond in an emergency is vital to avoiding personal injury.

Consider these tips for staying safe in cold weather:

  • Keep your car in good mechanical shape.  Get routine maintenance, make sure you have good winter tires and ensure that your lights, heater and windshield wipers work well.
  • Stock your car with supplies like warm clothes, food, water, blankets, shovel, cat litter and a cell phone.
  • During or immediately after a storm, do not go out unless necessary.  Consider using public transportation.
  • If you do go out, the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety says, Ice and Snow, Remove It Before You Go.  Motorists who fail to clear their vehicle face fines for obstructed views and greater fines if snow flying from their car causes property damage to others.
  • Drive slow in snow, travel known routes and give yourself extra time when traveling in winter weather.
  • If roads are flooded, Turn around, do not drown.
  • If stranded, stay with your car unless you are near help.  If you are sure your exhaust pipe is clear, run the engine when needed to warm the car.

Sandy took a lot out of everybody, but safety and diligence remain important.  Take care of yourself — and others — by driving defensively, stopping to help if you can, and looking forward to sunnier days ahead.

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