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What Is the Difference Between SSDI and SSI?

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What Is the Difference Between SSDI and SSI?

The program names look the same, but there is a great deal of difference between Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Our attorneys work hard to ensure clients receive the benefits for which they are eligible. Partly because both programs are administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA), many people confuse… Read More »

Allergic Consumers at Risk from Food Manufacturers and Servers

Personal injury attorneys are used to dealing with product safety issues. But when the product that endangers consumers is their own food, they may feel particularly vulnerable. Some 15 million Americans have one or more food allergies. They’re easy to spot as they scrutinize label after label at the supermarket. So just what are they… Read More »

Dangerous Dogs in New Jersey: How Do You Know?

In August, an 82-year-old Passaic woman walked into her backyard to fill her birdfeeders. An approximately 80-lb. pit bull-type dog owned by a neighbor scaled a 6-foot fence dividing the properties and attacked the woman. Suffering severe injury to her arm and leg, she escaped the dog and made it into her home, leaving bloody… Read More »

2012 Fungal Meningitis Outbreak Raises Questions about Applicability to Differing Areas of Personal Injury Law

Toward the end of 2012, the news was full of disturbing stories of patients in nearly every state who received steroid injections contaminated with fungus. Many of those patients died from fungal meningitis, while others may have contracted the disease, which can take up to a month to display symptoms. On the surface, these cases… Read More »

Listing of 90 Overutilized Medical Tests and Procedures can Help Patients Avoid Unnecessary Expenses, if Used Wisely

A recently released list of 90 overutilized tests and treatments can help patients work with their doctors to make informed decisions about whether a test is truly necessary. The list was developed by 17 medical specialty groups under an initiative by the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation, in partnership with Consumer Reports magazine, according… Read More »

Social Security Disability Benefits and Thresholds Increase for 2013

Rising prices can easily erode the ability of Social Security Disability benefit recipients to pay for their basic needs. The good news is that the Social Security Administration keeps a close eye on the Consumer Price Index, and they have made upward adjustments to make life a bit easier for many disabled Americans. From the… Read More »

Jersey City Medical Center Course Takes on Texting While Driving

Undoubtedly, many people have told you their exceptional driving skills enable them to handle distractions behind the wheel, but they’re wrong. In fact, they probably cannot even handle distractions while on foot. The Jersey City Medical Center regularly proves this point as a part of its distracted driving course. According to CBS Local, the center… Read More »

NJ Auto Insurance Policyholders Can Expect Rate Hikes

Touted as having the highest auto insurance rates in the nation, New Jersey policyholders will not be pleased when they receive another premium increase. Surprisingly, the upcoming hike does not include relatively minor additional future increases caused by Superstorm Sandy claims amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. In an April 2013 article, identified… Read More »

NJ Workers’ Compensation System Expected to Undergo Legislative Reforms

In an April 22, 2013 radio appearance, Governor Chris Christie announced a plan to address issues that affect the state Workers’ Compensation system. The plan is expected to resolve issues pertaining to both sides of claims, which includes how claims are handled by employers as well as fraudulent practices by employees when they file their… Read More »

What Time Limits Apply to New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Claims?

After sustaining a serious workplace injury, few workers focus on how to get claims paid, but their focus changes once the bills start arriving. Unfortunately, by the time you learn about the extensive medical expenses, it can be too late to file a Workers’ Compensation claim. Long before a workplace injury occurs, every worker should… Read More »