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Do I Have to Go to Court to Dispute Denial of My NJ Workers’ Compensation Claim?

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Do I Have to Go to Court to Dispute Denial of My NJ Workers’ Compensation Claim?

When your claim for Workers’ Compensation is denied, you have the right to dispute the decision. Disputes are reviewed in a hearing before a judge of compensation within a district office of the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. In fact, disputes do not see a real courtroom unless you choose to appeal… Read More »

Can Willful Negligence Affect my Right to Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Negligence plays a role in most on-the-job injuries that qualify for Workers’ Compensation benefits under New Jersey law. In fact, one of the reasons for Workers’ Compensation is to help ensure that injured workers receive the payments they need regardless of fault. Even injuries caused by willful negligence can qualify for benefits — as long… Read More »

Your Credit Rating Plays a Significant Role in the Price you Pay for NJ Auto Insurance

You may have a stellar driving record with no accidents or other issues, such as speeding, that might increase your insurance rates. Yet, you may not qualify for the low premium rates you believe you deserve unless you also have a stellar credit rating. As important as claims history may seem in determining insurance rates,… Read More »

In Some Cases, the Negligence of New Jersey Accident Victims Can Bar Recovery of Compensation

Suffering an accidental injury does not automatically hold victims blameless. In many cases, injury victims share a degree of negligence with one or more other parties, for example in the following circumstances: A driver stops suddenly behind a halted vehicle because a cell phone distraction prevented him or her from noticing the car earlier. Technically,… Read More »

The New Jersey Statute of Limitations Does Not Always Bar Claimants from Filing Late Claims

Individuals who suffer injuries caused by the negligence of other parties have the right to expect compensation that covers medical expenses and all other costs associated with their injuries. However, they can lose their right to take legal action if they wait too long to file. The statute of limitations imposed by the state of… Read More »

Proposed Changes in NJ Insurance Law May Level the Playing Field for Policyholders

The obvious purpose of carrying any type of insurance is to avoid or reduce out-of-pocket costs resulting from injuries or other damages sustained in a variety of circumstances. In many cases, claims proceed efficiently but some insurers respond to claims in bad faith, using unfair practices to delay, reduce or deny valid claims. Under current… Read More »

The Importance of Jury Selection in NJ Personal Injury Cases

In most civil cases, either party may request a jury trial or a bench trial that leaves the verdict in the hands of the judge. In the event of a jury trial, the selection of jury members can play a major role in the outcome of the case. Trial lawyers on both sides of the… Read More »

Increased Social Security Disability Claims and Benefit Recipients are Creating Some Major Concerns

In the last 10 years, the number of people receiving Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits increased from about 7.6 million to 11 million. Since 2007, claims for benefits increased by 25 percent. The massive volume of claims activities has led to backlogs and delays that prevent disabled individuals from receiving the funds they need within… Read More »

Compassionate Allowances Can Provide the Severely Disabled a Fast Track to Federal Benefits

Only a relatively small number of people manage to get initial Social Security Disability (SSD) claims accepted without going through one or more steps of the appeals process. With each appeals step, claimants can wait for months while their claims go through the review process at the Social Security Administration (SSA). These delays can cause… Read More »

FDA Makes a Federal Case out of Local Food Product Mislabeling in New Jersey

Any product manufacturer has a strict responsibility to create products that are safe for consumer use. Even inherently-dangerous products, such as chainsaws and other power tools, must carry clear instructions and warnings of their potential dangers to provide users the information they need to use the products safely. Such requirements extend to food product labeling… Read More »