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Safety Concerns Mount for Senior Drivers – And Those Who Share the Road With Them

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Safety Concerns Mount for Senior Drivers – And Those Who Share the Road With Them

As personal injury attorneys in New Jersey, we’re well aware of the dangers of impaired driving. But did you ever stop to think that impairment may not always involve alcohol, drugs or texting and that, in fact, the face of impairment might just as easily be that of a sweet, elderly grandparent whose failing eyesight,… Read More »

Do Not Text a Driver in New Jersey

If you text and drive, do not — it is against the law. If you text someone you know is driving, do not — you just may be held responsible if an accident occurs because the driver is distracted by your text. In 2009, 18-year-old Kyle Best got off work and texted his then-girlfriend, 17-year-old… Read More »

Car Recalled? NHTSA Lets You Know

Staying safe on the road means more than driving at the speed limit and practicing defensive driving — it also means knowing your car. Proper tire inflation and regular oil changes are good, but how do you know if your car has been recalled for a serious defect? The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA)… Read More »

Jersey City Medical Center Course Takes on Texting While Driving

Undoubtedly, many people have told you their exceptional driving skills enable them to handle distractions behind the wheel, but they’re wrong. In fact, they probably cannot even handle distractions while on foot. The Jersey City Medical Center regularly proves this point as a part of its distracted driving course. According to CBS Local, the center… Read More »

Your Credit Rating Plays a Significant Role in the Price you Pay for NJ Auto Insurance

You may have a stellar driving record with no accidents or other issues, such as speeding, that might increase your insurance rates. Yet, you may not qualify for the low premium rates you believe you deserve unless you also have a stellar credit rating. As important as claims history may seem in determining insurance rates,… Read More »

Liability in NJ Texting-While-Driving Claims Stops with the Driver

Many accidents involve only two parties — a driver whose negligence caused the accident and an individual who suffered injuries because of the negligence. However, many accidents may involve liability on the part of multiple parties — for example, in the following circumstances: Drivers who rear-end vehicles in front of them because their vehicles were… Read More »

Proposed NJ Bill Would Permit Police Cell Phone Search but May Help Protect Victim Rights in Car Accidents

Distracted driving in the United States injured an estimated 387,000 people in 2011 and killed 3,000 more. An increasing number of distractions each year involve the use of cell phones. No wonder, then, the New Jersey Senate wants to take action to collect evidence to prove the connection between cell phone usage and accidents. Introduced… Read More »

Texting Accidents in New Jersey: Who is Responsible?

A New Jersey accident involving a pickup truck and two motorcyclists helped establish an important rule on liability when phone texting is the cause of the mishap. The May 2012 ruling by the New Jersey Superior Court judge found that the distracted driver responding to text messages was responsible for the accident, but not the… Read More »

What the “Verbal Threshold” in New Jersey Car Accident Insurance Means

An accident in Clifton (Passaic County) in May 2013 that stemmed from a high-speed police chase left a New Jersey police officer seriously injured in a multiple-car pileup. This is noteworthy because police chases through heavily trafficked, highly populated areas have drawn scrutiny in the courts in recent years, as multiple crashes have involved third-party… Read More »

New Jersey: Lowest in Accident Deaths, But Thousands of Injuries Still Occur

A report from the National Safety Council in May 2013 found that New Jersey has the lowest rate of deaths in the country from accidents. This includes the totality of deaths due to car accidents, unintentional drug and alcohol overdoses and slip-and-fall incidents. Remarkably, the low auto accident death rate is attributed to traffic congestion… Read More »