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Dangerous Dogs in New Jersey: How Do You Know?

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Dangerous Dogs in New Jersey: How Do You Know?

In August, an 82-year-old Passaic woman walked into her backyard to fill her birdfeeders. An approximately 80-lb. pit bull-type dog owned by a neighbor scaled a 6-foot fence dividing the properties and attacked the woman. Suffering severe injury to her arm and leg, she escaped the dog and made it into her home, leaving bloody… Read More »

New Jersey “Strict Liability” Dog Bite Law Means Victims Can Sue on First Offense

The aphorism goes that when a dog bites a man it’s not news. But the bite (actually, many vicious bites) heard ‘round the world came in 2010 in Elizabeth, New Jersey when a security guard was attacked by both a pit bull and a Rottweiler. The dogs had escaped from an enclosure on the workplace… Read More »

Most Dangerous Breeds of Dogs

Dog attacks can be terrifying. In addition, depending on the size of the dog and the age of the victim, they can be fatal. Victims who survive dog bites can suffer from deep tissue damage, broken bones, infections and disfiguring scars. To protect yourself from a dog attack, you should be wary when around the… Read More »