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What Types of Personal Injury Claims Might Result from COVID-19 Exposure?

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What Types of Personal Injury Claims Might Result from COVID-19 Exposure?

COVID-19 exposure has led to a litany of serious health issues and tens of thousands of deaths. Though everyone’s health is top priority, afflicted individuals and family members of those who have been lost might wonder what type of claims can be brought in relation to coronavirus infections. Though each case is unique and it… Read More »

2012 Fungal Meningitis Outbreak Raises Questions about Applicability to Differing Areas of Personal Injury Law

Toward the end of 2012, the news was full of disturbing stories of patients in nearly every state who received steroid injections contaminated with fungus. Many of those patients died from fungal meningitis, while others may have contracted the disease, which can take up to a month to display symptoms. On the surface, these cases… Read More »

Listing of 90 Overutilized Medical Tests and Procedures can Help Patients Avoid Unnecessary Expenses, if Used Wisely

A recently released list of 90 overutilized tests and treatments can help patients work with their doctors to make informed decisions about whether a test is truly necessary. The list was developed by 17 medical specialty groups under an initiative by the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation, in partnership with Consumer Reports magazine, according… Read More »

New Jersey Medical Malpractice Cases Now Require Very Specific Medical Experts

Almost all medical malpractice cases depend on expert witnesses, usually physicians, to testify on behalf of the plaintiff to explain where a mistake was made. But a recent ruling in 2013 by the New Jersey State Supreme Court has set a standard that may make it harder for the injured party to prove fault. The… Read More »

Medical Problems Improbably Lead to Homicide

Patients who are unhappy with the outcome of their medical treatment often feel angry, frustrated, and betrayed by their doctor. They may blame the doctor for creating unrealistic expectations about the treatment, or feel that the doctor misled them into believing a procedure was safer that it really was. They may suspect their doctor was… Read More »

A Bad Outcome or Medical Malpractice?

When a surgery does not result in improved health, or worse, leads to injury or death, our first instinct is to strike back at the person who hurt us and file a medical malpractice lawsuit. But not every bad outcome results from medical malpractice. Many bad outcomes result from: Unforeseen and unforeseeable complications The severity… Read More »

Fungal Meningitis: Contaminated Steroid Update

For victims of chronic pain, spinal injection of the compounded steroid methylprednisolone acetate promises relief from severe back discomfort.  Administered by clinics throughout a multi-state area, a steroid injection that used to create anticipation of pain relief has now given way to fear of serious illness or worse. In late summer 2012, investigation into a… Read More »