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Should You Hire a Lawyer to Bring a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

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Should You Hire a Lawyer to Bring a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you suffer a serious injury in an accident, you need to consider your options carefully. You may be in pain and want to put the accident behind you. But what you do and how you approach the situation can make a big difference in the amount of compensation you receive for your injuries and… Read More »

Injuries Caused by Trains in New Jersey

In a contest between a train and a car or a pedestrian, the train is always going to win. Unfortunately, such accidents occur with alarming frequency. While some of these cases may be caused by the negligent actions of the pedestrians or drivers, or by illegal trespass on railroad property, many cases may be due… Read More »

Your Personal Injury Case Is Filed at No Cost to You

Most personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. It takes many hours to investigate a case, negotiate terms and come to an agreement. In addition, expert testimony can be extremely expensive. A contingency-fee-based case allows victims who might otherwise not be able to afford to sue to move forward with their cases…. Read More »

Beware the NJ Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

A statute of limitations places a limit on the length of time you have to assert your claim against a party who caused you injury. In most personal injury cases, the NJ statute of limitations is set at two years. Once the statute of limitations expires, you no longer have the right to file a… Read More »

Can I File A Car Accident Claim for A Minor Incident?

Even a minor car accident can cause damage to your car that must be repaired. If you have been involved in a minor accident, you may wonder whether or not it is possible to file a claim to cover the costs of repairing your car. There are a number of factors you must weigh prior… Read More »

Can A Passenger Be Blamed for A Car Accident?

If you have recently been involved in a car accident and sustained an injury, you may be considering filing a personal injury suit in a court of law. Many questions can arise during this process, including whether or not it is possible to find a passenger at-fault for an accident. No-fault insurance In New Jersey,… Read More »

If Multiple Cars Are in An Accident, Who is To Blame?

If you are in a car accident that involves three or more cars, determining the amount of blame for each driver can get complicated. In the majority of car accidents of this nature, the driver who is at the back of the collision started the chain reaction and is, therefore, at fault. The drivers of… Read More »

The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident

Even a minor car accident is a traumatic experience. If you have been in a collision, you may have suffered physical, emotional or mental injuries. Perhaps you had to go to the doctor or visit a hospital to receive treatment for an injury sustained during a car accident. You have the right to file a… Read More »

What Is Needed to File a Car Accident Claim

If you are involved in an automobile accident, knowing how to file a claim can make a big difference in getting the results you deserve. One of the most important aspects of filing a car accident claim is gathering information and reporting it to your insurance company. Directly after a car accident, check whether anyone… Read More »

What New Jersey's No-Fault Law Means for Car Crash Victims

Roads and highways in New Jersey are packed with commuter traffic, trucks and out-of-state visitors. As the most densely populated state, New Jersey has more than its fair share of traffic, which means that in-state drivers have a higher-than-average risk of being involved in a car accident. New Jersey is one of several states to… Read More »