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Do Not Text a Driver in New Jersey

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Do Not Text a Driver in New Jersey

If you text and drive, do not — it is against the law. If you text someone you know is driving, do not — you just may be held responsible if an accident occurs because the driver is distracted by your text. In 2009, 18-year-old Kyle Best got off work and texted his then-girlfriend, 17-year-old… Read More »

The Heart of the Matter: Head Injuries

The headlines say it all: Camden Man Suffers Head Injury When Hit in a Parking Lot, New York Man Suffers Brain Injury When Hit by a Police Car, Pedestrian Suffers Head Injury After Fall. The words do not begin to describe the harrowing journey of those who suffer head and brain injuries after a traumatic… Read More »

Car Recalled? NHTSA Lets You Know

Staying safe on the road means more than driving at the speed limit and practicing defensive driving — it also means knowing your car. Proper tire inflation and regular oil changes are good, but how do you know if your car has been recalled for a serious defect? The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA)… Read More »

Food Safety: A Big Concern in the United States

While consumers take precautions to handle food safely within their own homes, there is little they can do to ensure the food they purchase is not contaminated or adulterated. To a large extent, we rely on producers and vendors to ensure our food is safe. Sometimes it is not.  In 2010, cantaloupe from Jensen Farms… Read More »

Danger in the Dust: Silicosis

While many workers are familiar with the dangers of breathing asbestos fibers, few understand the danger in dust containing silica, a common component of dust produced on construction and drilling sites. Silicate minerals are extremely common in the crust of the earth and are a component of rocks, bedrock, granite, building and landscaping materials. Working… Read More »

Allergic Consumers at Risk from Food Manufacturers and Servers

Personal injury attorneys are used to dealing with product safety issues. But when the product that endangers consumers is their own food, they may feel particularly vulnerable. Some 15 million Americans have one or more food allergies. They’re easy to spot as they scrutinize label after label at the supermarket. So just what are they… Read More »

Dangerous Dogs in New Jersey: How Do You Know?

In August, an 82-year-old Passaic woman walked into her backyard to fill her birdfeeders. An approximately 80-lb. pit bull-type dog owned by a neighbor scaled a 6-foot fence dividing the properties and attacked the woman. Suffering severe injury to her arm and leg, she escaped the dog and made it into her home, leaving bloody… Read More »

Stay Safe: Counterfeit Automobile Airbag Alert

Car air bags can spare a life or save a driver or passenger from serious injury.  But what happens if the airbag itself is dangerous? Research in recent years led to new advisories for car owners about the proper positioning and use of airbags with children. In October, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)… Read More »

Caught by Accident — Protect Your Compensation

In the early hours of a November morning, two buses in the express bus lane heading into Manhattan collided outside the Lincoln Tunnel in Weehawken.  A Martz Trailways bus struck the rear of the NJ Transit bus injuring 20 people, some seriously. Thankfully, no one was killed and no injuries were life-threatening. For most people,… Read More »

Motorcycle Accidents in New Jersey: Frequent and Fatal

A 20-year-old motorcycle passenger died after a July 2012 collision on the Garden State Parkway. In October 2012, two off-duty Pemberton Township firefighters were killed when thrown from a motorcycle. The small size, great gas mileage and fun that motorcycles provide attract riders looking for an economical and interesting way to get around. But motorcycles… Read More »