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Traumatic Brain Injury and Football: Making the Connection

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Traumatic Brain Injury and Football: Making the Connection

Even as Met Life Stadium is polished up for the 2014 Super Bowl, New Jersey personal injury attorneys are dealing with a different aspect of football — the devastating effects of concussion injuries. With the dramatic increase in awareness over the past few years, traumatic brain injury (TBI) has become a national priority. Rule changes… Read More »

Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney After a TBI

Brain injuries present special problems for accident victims pursuing lawsuits against the people who injured them, and for their lawyers. Other injuries that cause equivalent disruption in your life — make it hard for you to work, take care of yourself and do what you used to do as a family and community member —… Read More »

Recognizing Signs of Mild TBI After a Car Accident

Victims of mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) do not necessarily lose consciousness or do not lose consciousness for long. So physicians, accident victims, and their friends and family might not notice right away that the victim has suffered an MTBI in an accident. But the fact is that anyone who comes to a sudden and… Read More »